Onesie culture: The Many Kinds of Kigurumi

  • Ever heard of “kigurumi”? It looks like another fashion statement, but these character related one piece jumpsuits are more than just plain clothing: they are fun, show you have a sense of humor and more importantly they are incredibly comfortable! Most of them have a hood, and the hood has ears, faces or anything to enhance the characters’ or animals’ features. Some resemble anime characters, some animals, some are just plain crazy.

    Kinds of Kigurumi

    The most popular kigurumis are anime or cartoon characters like Pokemon’s Pikachu, San-X’s Rilakuma, or pastel coloured Care Bears from the 80’s. Disney’s Stitch or Monster’s Inc Sully is often seen, too, especially at Halloween parties which recently gained popularity especially in Japanese big cities like Tokyo or Osaka.

    There is another kind of kigurumi, which is often used by brands and companies to promote a new product or just to attract attention. The big difference is a head part, which covers the face completely and is three dimensional.

    Similar to these huge rather professional kigurumis are those that have three-dimensional human anime characters, mainly girls. These are the ultimate highlightings for hardcore fans.

    Wearing a kigurumi

    The simpler ones with hoods can be practically worn anytime, except of course for formal events, school or work. One would wear them during fan gatherings, for special events like concerts (girls do often wear the same in pairs) on the weekend when shopping in places like “Harajuku” or just when hanging out in “cool” places.

    For the shy ones

    Not everyone has the courage to wear these bright coloured onsies, that are definitely not for everyday life. For those, who still want to enjoy the cute kigurumis, you have always the opportunity to wear them at home, for example as pyjamas or room wear. Just do not forget you are wearing one, when the postman rings your doorbell!

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