Catch This Cute Sleeping Bag Pikachu in Japan’s UFO Catchers!

  • Pokemon is one of the most popular brands in Japan, with hundreds of monsters and counting. Now we all know that Pikachu is the most well-known character of them all, being Ash’ partner and the brand image of the franchise and favorite of many (including me)!

    There are a variety of Pikachu themed items being sold all over the country, and if you’re a fan and avid collector you might just take an interest in the newest and cutest collections to come out this year. Check out the Pikachu Nebukuro Collection!

    The Story

    Once the night has broke, the Pikachus living in the wild saw a light in the middle of the forest coming from a tent. The Pikachus peeked inside and saw a sleeping mountaineer wrapped in the warmth of a sleeping bag.

    Curious about what they saw, the Pikachus went inside of the sleeping bag and liked it very much. The mountaineer was surprised with what he saw, and with a kind heart created handmade sleeping bags for the Pikachus while remembering the Pokemon he encountered along the way.

    The Collection

    Nebukuro (寝袋) is a Japanese word made up of the kanji 寝, which means sleep and 袋, meaning bag. Simply put the two words together, and you get sleeping bag! The newest Pikachu collection comes in a variety of Pikachus wearing Pokemon themed sleeping bags, which is just so cute you’ll surely want to sleep with it!

    There are 8 varieties, with the first three having Pikachu wearing the sleeping bag of starter Pokemons Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, which is 24 cm in size.

    2018 update- There are no longer UFO Catcher machines, but you can purchase them on Amazon now.

    Next up is Pikachu wearing the sleeping bag of Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, which is 13 cm in size. Also, take note of the relaxed Pikachu face in Flareon’s sleeping bag.

    And lastly, Pikachu wearing the sleeping bag of Ditto and Raichu, which is 24 cm in size. The hoods in Pikachu’s sleeping bag can all be worn if you’d like that.

    But Wait! There’s a Catch!

    Instead of dropping by your nearest Pokemon Centers or stores, you’d have to catch your way to get them! The Pikachu Nebukuro Collection will be stored in CraneKing UFO Catchers around Japan, and can only be won as an arcade exclusive prize, starting from May 12, 2016.

    Ready to take on the challenge in literally catching your own Pikachu? If you are, make sure to check your nearest game center to see if they have it. It’s the only way, so don’t miss out!

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