What Are the Latest Trends in Japan? Find Them All at Tokyu Hands!

  • Do you know Tokyu Hands? Tokyu Hands is one of the most famous department store that they deal many staff such as furniture, cosme products, and home, study and desk accessories. Not just so many staff, they have many staff which are something new for everyone. Because of that, you can find trend staff in Japan. There are many interesting staff, so I bet you can stay there at least 1 hour!!!
    Now, I’ll introduce the trend staff which are from Tokyu Hands!

    1. Kabuki face musk

    This is face musks for skin care that are shaped kabuki performers’ face paint. Kabuki is a Japanese traditional performance, and the performers make up just like the face musk which is in the photo. If you get this one, I’m reall sure you gonna have fun with the face, and also you can get smooth skin!

    2. Citrus spray

    What a good idea staff is this! This Citrus spray is for in rather kitchen especially when you need lemon juice for accent of the food. You can put this product into a lemon directly, and just push the top of this thing! Now, you get the lemon juice from this Citrus spray as a mist! That’s amazing staff. You can find those interesting staff in Tokyu Hands!

    3. Friction ball point pen

    This is a popular product in Japan. This friction ball point pen is not just a ball point pen. If you rub the letters that you wrote, the letters gonna be disappeard! This is literally magical ball point pen! You can work with this ball point pen and no longer you need to rewrite important document because of your wrong spell!!

    Here, I introduced about Tokyu Hands, and interesting products that you can find there. As I said before, there are many staff, just like 1000 items, so you can find something funny and something interesting there! When you visit Japan, you should go to there, and you will know what the trend of Japan !

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