Come See Geisha Perform in Tokyo at Shimbashi Enbujo’s Azuma Odori!

  • Japan is full of traditional attractions and performances despite the many changes that have happened over the years. Remaining true to its roots ever since, tradition still plays a large part in Japanese culture. It is also considered one of the reasons why foreign tourists would like to come over to Japan to experience that traditional culture.

    One of those traditional cultural elements that still keeps up in this generation is the geisha. The tradition has not only been kept but passed on over the years. Seeing a geisha is an experience you would surely want to have. And if that’s what you’re looking for, the Azuma Odori is definitely something you should check out!

    What is a Geisha?

    A geisha, or also called geiko in Kyoto, are professional entertainers who are trained in traditional Japanese arts like dance and music. They attend meals, banquets and other gatherings to perform and also to make the guests feel at ease during the event.

    History of Shimbashi Enbujo’s Azuma Odori

    The Azuma Odori is Shimbashi Enbujo’s most remarkable geisha performance ever since the theatre opened in the year 1925. During the Meiji Period, the government had allowed these geishas to perform using different musical instruments and also to sing and dance on the streets. The Shimbashi Enbujo was then built to provide the stage for the geishas performing the Azuma Odori.

    Shimbashi Enbujo’s Azuma Odori

    This year is Shimbashu Enbuju Azuma Odori’s 92nd year and there are a number of performances to look forward to. The Azuma Odori will be taking place from May 19th until May 22nd for four days with 10 performance including a two^part dance show using the theme umbrellas.

    During the intermission, the guests are free to interact with the geisha performers so you can take the opportunity to talk to them or even take a photo with them if you’d like. The once in a year Ryotei bento provided by nearby restaurants ensures good food and alcohol along with the entertainment.

    Ticket prices start from 2,500 yen to 9,000 yen and you can buy them here. Getting a chance to see a geisha on the street in the city is a rare sight so the chance of seeing one perform up close is something you wouldn’t want to miss!

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