Too Busy to Take a Tropical Vacation? The Tokyo Island Fair Will Bring Paradise to You!

  • Japan being an island country, is surrounded by bodies of water. This means that there are places which require the use of ships to get to. Two of these include the Izu Islands and the Ogasawara Islands, which are some of the more popular locations in the country.

    These tropical islands just south of Tokyo are a breathtaking site to visit for those who are looking for an adventure. But if you aren’t able to afford the time to do so, then the Tokyo Islands Fair may be a good alternative if you’d like to see some of the great things these islands have to offer!

    Izu Islands

    The Izu Islands are a group of islands located southeast of mainland Tokyo and are considered a paradise among tourist spots. There are 9 inhabited islands with the most popular and largest being Izu Oshima Island. The main attractions often visited by tourists to the island are the active volcano Mount Mihara, the several hot springs available and also places to try the local cuisines.

    Ogasawara Island

    Ogasawara Island is another paradise escape in Japan but is much further out than the Izu Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Ogasawara Island was recognized as a World Heritage Nature Site by UNESCO in 2011. The Ogasawara Island boasts a number of marine activities including whale and dolphin watching and local cuisines such as Shima Zushi and locally grown passion fruit.

    Tokyo Islands Cafe

    The Tokyo Islands Cafe located at the Takeshiba Passenger Terminal is the organizer of the Tokyo Islands Fair. The aim of the cafe is to connect the islands of Tokyo by ship and by using different island ingredients with their original menu and specialty products.

    Tokyo Island Fair Shima Jiman 2016

    Due to busy work schedules, not everyone is able to afford the time to travel to the beautiful island paradises in Japan. Which is why the Tokyo Islands Cafe is bringing these islands closer to you at this year’s Tokyo Island Fair! The Tokyo Island Fair Shima Jiman (or ‘Island Pride’) will be taking place on May 28th and 29th at the Takeshiba Pier and Passenger Terminal. The biannual event is back to bring food and fun to all of its visitors.

    The fair will be putting out a variety of selected local specialties and gourmet dishes from the Izu and Ogasawara islands including kusaya or dried fermented fish, shiokara squid, camellia oil and also local fruits and vegetables which will be divided for every island.

    There will also be a number of live stage performances on both days of the event and visitors can also take part in a number of activities including making each island’s traditional handicrafts, a sand art activity using the sand from Izu Oshima Island, and even a survey sticker raffle, collected from different areas of the event where you can take home a prize!

    Admission to the Tokyo Island Fair is free so you can look around as much as you’d like. If you can’t afford the time now to visit the Izu and Ogasawara islands for a break from work stress, why not get some idea of what you can expect from the Tokyo Island Fair?

    Tokyo Islands Cafe Tabelog

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