5 Authentic yet Affordable Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurants in Japan!

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  • In Japan, there are endless ideas around technology, games, gadgets, theme cafes, restaurants and so on, that are always popping up around the country. With that said, the brilliant idea of the sushi restaurant with an automated conveyor belt (kaiten sushi) has been a great way to rake in customers from local areas as well as overseas tourists.

    It’s the easiest sushi system ever! With plenty of sushi options loaded onto a built-in rotating conveyor belt, you can pick and choose which sushi takes your fancy as it rotates around and around. Prices are determined by the color of the plates. On top of that, there is also the option to order from a menu, where custom-ordered plates are marked and placed on a different conveyor. Some places even have a touch-screen device to order as well.

    So, if you love authentic sushi then there’s no other place to get that than in Japan! However, the sushi here can be expensive so to help with both your wallet and satisfaction, here are 5 of the best budget-friendly conveyor belt sushi places around Tokyo!

    1. Numazuko

    Located inside the Shinjuku train station this is definitely one of the most popular sushi places in Shinjuku. It’s also considered the biggest kaiten sushi spot for an authentic classy Japanese sushi experience.

    Aside from being affordable, there’s a great range of sushi options to choose from with ‘live entertainment’ as you watch the chefs prepare them in front of you. Also, you get a larger portion of rice here than you do in many other kaiten sushi restaurants. Bonus!

    Numazuko Website*Japanese Only

    2. Ganso Sushi

    Typically, all kaiten sushi restaurants offer a meal which begins with miso soup, which consists of stock made with seaweed and tofu or a variety of different combinations.

    You will find Ganso Sushi bar around Tokyo in Akihabara and Shinjuku, a tiny place which doesn’t have a typical restaurant set-up as it only has counter seats. So, if you’re in the area, drop by and get a taste of what is considered a truly authentic Japanese experience at Ganso sushi bar.

    Ganso Sushi Website*Japanese Only

    3. Hamazushi

    This is a more advanced conveyor belt sushi restaurant that is equipped with a touch screen service both in Japanese and English. Upon ordering from the touch screen device, your custom order will automatically stop in front of you. It is pleasant, neat, and very affordable as sushi starts at 100 yen and there are also special treats like cakes on offer for as little as 200 yen. One other bonus of this place is there’s self-service green tea available too!

    Hamazushi Website

    4. Uobei Shibuya

    Although it only has counter seats, it also has a multilingual touch screen device available as well. Typical kaiten sushi restaurants have slow-running conveyor belts that can get quite boring after a while. However, at Uobei in Shibuya, they have what’s considered a high-speed conveyor belt which makes it that little bit more exciting. Similar to Hamazushi, you can make your choices using the touch-screen and it will automatically whizz along the conveyor belt stopping right in front of you.

    Regardless of what appears to be more advanced facilities, sushi is still very affordable starting at 108 yen. Also, for those that aren’t huge sushi fans, there’s plenty of other options available on the menu like desserts, french fries, karaage, mini udon and so on.


    5. Sushi Bar Yasuda

    Sushi chefs here are very passionate and dedicated to their work, which at times is like a work of art. It is a clean, refreshing, and very welcoming place with a humorous chef named Yasuda who also speaks fluently in English.

    However, this place only opens with prior arrangement through either phone, email, or hotel concierge reservations. It is quite small with only eight counter seats available. All staff members are very approachable, and the waitress even demonstrates the Japanese way to truly enjoy sashimi.

    Sushi Bar Yasuda Website

    So what do you think? Do you love sushi? If you love sushi and haven’t tried the real deal in Japan yet, these 5 places are the best place to start to give everyone a truly unique and authentic sushi experience in the land of sushi, Japan!

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