Face Scanning Technology Used at Arashi Concert for the First Time

  • Before Arashi (嵐)’s Japonism Show concert tour on the 23rd of April, 2016, Johnny & Associates (the company that manages the idol band Arashi) announced that face scanning technology would be used. The idea being that the faces of fans would be scanned prior to entry, and Arashi is the first male idol band in Japan that employed this method!

    The Face Scanning Process

    The process goes something like this:
    First, those who buy the tickets have to submit their photos and application form via email. When they go to the concert, their faces will be scanned to confirm the tickets’ validity. The purpose of the face scanning is to prevent tickets from being resold at substantial markup prices. This has occurred many times in the past, when Arashi tickets which cost around 10,000 yen would be resold at 100,000 yen or more in the resale market, through places such as Ticket Camp.

    Why Is It Needed?

    The reason behind the notorious difficulty in obtaining tickets for Arashi concert does not only boil down to the overwhelming popularity of Arashi in Japan but also that the tickets are only available to Arashi’s fan club members. Despite that, the solution is not so straightforward as to just become a fan club member of Arashi, as the members still have to win the tickets from a lottery competition, which is highly competitive and difficult to do. Therefore, those who do not win the tickets often seek for other methods to obtain them, and the easiest way is to buy them at a higher price via the resale market.

    Thus, with the face scanning technology, fans will be given a more fair treatment to buy the tickets to attend Arashi concert, instead of having to buy the tickets from unscrupulous people who bought many tickets to be sold at much higher prices! However, this method is not perfect because, in the case where the ticket buyers are sick or have other reasons which render them unable to attend the concert, the ticket would go to waste as it cannot be transferred to another person. What do you think about this process?

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