This Japanese IKEA Branch Is Offering A Whole Bunch of Treats for Its 10th Anniversary!

  • Looking for new items to put in the house like furniture, utensils, and any other decor usually means a trip to the friendly and affordable Nitori, which is the choice of many for household needs. But we shouldn’t forget that IKEA, the brand that stands out in this field outside Japan is also available here.

    If you’re a foreigner, you’d probably head down to IKEA because you might likely be more familiar with buying things there. But one IKEA branch in Japan will not only bring you furniture and accessories but something to fill you up after a haul. Take a look at what IKEA in Funabashi has in store for you!

    IKEA Tokyo-Bay 10th Anniversary Project

    Formerly known as IKEA Funabashi, this branch is the first IKEA in Japan which opened in 2006. The now IKEA Tokyo-Bay is launching a new service and as well as a new establishment as part of its latest project in commemoration of its 10th anniversary. The project is something that the visitors can look forward to.


    The IKEA Cafe in IKEA Tokyo-Bay is the first of its kind in the world. The newest cafe establishment opened on April 1st and has brought in Sweden’s coffee culture to Japan taking the cafe’s opening a step ahead of its game in the world. If you’re interested in different coffee tastes and blends, a Swedish coffee might be what you’re looking for.

    IKEA Bakery

    Aside from the IKEA Cafe, the first IKEA Bakery in Japan is now also open in IKEA Tokyo-Bay. A variety of European bread like pan au chocolat, which is made from AOP butter croissants, and many more choices will also be served at the bakery.

    Doing a big shop at IKEA can sometimes be a handful if you’re purchasing a lot, especially if you’ve got an empty stomach afterward. Well, there’s a good way to fill it up now thanks to the IKEA cafe and bakery. Heading to IKEA for a purchase soon? Well, make sure to check the new additions out as well!

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