3 Handy Items for Babies that You Can Buy in the Japanese Drugstore

  • If you’re a parent who’s traveling or staying in Japan temporarily or for good, it is essential to know what to buy and where to buy it for your baby’s needs. Problems can arise when you don’t know how to read Japanese, though some stores offer English information on some items. The easiest place to shop for your baby’s needs in Japan is the drugstore, which offers several baby products that are very handy. Here are 3 of the baby items you can find in Japanese drugstores.

    baby items drugstore

    1. Netsusama Sheet for Babies

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    . . . ゆずきち、生後2ヶ月にして初風邪😟 39℃近く熱上がって本当に可哀想やった☠️ 今は熱も下がってミルクも飲めるようになって 笑顔も増えて、機嫌もいい😋😋 . . 変わってあげたいとか思いよったら あたしも40℃出て病院行ったけど インフルではなくまさかの副鼻腔炎(笑) . . 24に千葉帰る予定やったけど ゆずきちの体調考えて2/7に延期🙏🏻 無事変更手続きも出来て安心☺💕 . . とりあえず、言えることはただ1つ。 実家で良かった〜~~(笑) . . #ゆずきち #生後2ヶ月半 #風邪引きました #熱さまシートデビュー #この姿可愛すぎ #今は咳だけ #だいぶ良くなって安心 #女の子ベビー #babygirl #女の子ママ #赤ちゃん #ベビフル #ベビリトル #ママリ #ママ撮 #コドモノ

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    Netsusama Sheet, better known as “Cooling Gel” in English, is widely popular in Japan. It is an adhesive gel sheet which is used whenever a baby has a fever. It is fragrance-free and great for babies’ sensitive skin. It stays in place pretty well even when the baby keeps moving. Each sheet lasts for 4 hours, and should surely keep the baby cool while the fever lasts. This item should be kept in dark and cool places. This is not medicine, so if your baby’s fever persists, call the doctor immediately.

    2. Pip Baby Shampoo Hat

    baby items shower hat

    If your baby loves taking a bath but hates getting water on their face, then this item will definitely make them happy. Pip Baby Shampoo Hat is an adorable way of avoiding shampoo ingredients from getting on your baby’s face. It is made of a soft and flexible material which makes bathing easier. It usually comes in blue and pink colors. It is not only handy but will also look cute on your baby.

    3. Sofure Baby Body Bath Essence

    baby items bath

    This product is great for baby skin which usually prevents skin troubles. It ensures optimal skin health by giving it the right moisture it needs. It is enriched with amino acids which are helpful in eliminating impurities. It also has lavender oil which gives it a subtle smell. Your baby will surely feel more relaxed after every bath time!

    These three handy baby items are a must-have if you happen to run out of your baby essentials. These are all available in most Japanese drugstores which can be found everywhere in the country. It can help you save a lot of time and effort.

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