Easter in Japan, and how it is changing!

  • Easter is a worldwide celebrated holiday, especially in the west. Whether celebrated for its religious roots or just as a spring family holiday, it is popular among both children and adults alike.

    With Japan becoming easily interested in foreign holidays and celebrating them in their own unique way, it is surprising to note that Easter has so far not been targeted by brands and companies as one would suppose it might do.

    One explanation to this is that Japan is usually focusing on promoting cherry blossom-related events and products, and could make enough marketing just with that. But business never sleeps, and especially in 2015, you could feel a very different approach supermarkets and their product lines tried. Many well-established sweet-makers have had a visual makeover with a special Easter design, without altering their contents. But some chocolate companies have even dared to promote certain Easter products, which are not sold on a regular basis.

    The benefits: Easter has no specific date and is celebrated on a different date each year, which is why Japanese do not know exacly when Easter is, and products and campaigns can run longer. Tokyo Disneyland even goes all out with their Easter-themed park! Can you believe that?

    But that is okay, since the Japanese have no clue what Easter actually is. Who would blame them? We enjoy the sweets and the sudden attention and wish everyone a Happy Easter!

    Kit kat Easter edition

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    Never disappointing with special editions, this bunny-ear-shaped chocolate bar is perfect for the holidays.

    Choco ball peanuts + Disney Pakkuncho

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    Easter Happiness, as Morinaga promotes it, does not stop here: the famous choco balls and crunchy chocolate sweets with Disney characters have been popular this season!

    Koala’s March

    Lotte’s Koala bears are also sold in an Easter themed package.

    *Please note that the designs of the products vary every year.