How Is Scandal Between Celebrities Received By the Japanese Public?

  • Relationship issues between celebrity couples seem like a norm in the news. In Western media, celebrities who cheated on their spouses can usually move on with their careers without huge problems, whereas the situation in Japan seems to prove otherwise.

    The Scandal

    While the rest of the world was fixated on the Becky (ベッキー) who was mentioned in Beyonce’s lyrics, Japan has its very own Becky who happened to draw a huge amount of attention in Japan. In recent months, the cheating scandal between Kawatani Enon (川谷 絵音) and Becky received tons of backlash from the public.

    Becky is a pretty successful TV personality who has a nice girl next door image. Her mixed Japanese and British ancestry means that she is blessed with an “exotic” look.

    On the other hand, Enon Kawatani is a singer from a band called Gesu no Kiwami Otome, who was already married. A text message between the cheating couple got leaked by tabloids, which put Becky’s career in turmoil.

    The Backlash

    While Becky suddenly disappeared from her own radio programs, commercials, TV appearances, and lost all endorsement deals, Enon does not seem to be much affected by this scandal. Soon after the scandal erupted, Enon divorced his wife. After approximately 3 months of exile, Becky made a reappearance on TV in early May which sparked 24% of the viewing figures. Becky made a tearful apology and claimed to be no longer interested in Enon. She had also met with Enon’s wife and apologized to her. Despite all that, news of Enon’s ex-wife’s pregnancy may continue to hinder Becky’s comeback to the industry.

    Most would probably believe that in this cheating scandal, obviously Enon is more in the wrong than Becky, as Enon is the one who was married. Unfortunately, Becky received much more flak from the public. This draws some criticism on how men can easily get away from a cheating scandal as it is deemed as a normal thing for men to do. However, women who cheat would usually have their image and reputation tarnished. This had happened several times in the past, such as former Morning Musume member, Mari Yaguchi, whose cheating scandal had dwindled her career to the extent that her Nissin TV ad was taken off air due to complaints.

    What do you think about celebrity scandals in Japan? Do you disagree with the way this particular scandal was received?

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