Have you Heard of Peco and Ryuchel? Check Out Why They’re a Hit on Japan’s TV Screens!

  • There are a lot of famous TV personalities in the Japanese entertainment scene who appear regularly in different dramas, variety shows, and commercials. However, there are also people who enter the entertainment scene once and it turns out to be their lucky break. For those who tune into regular Japanese TV shows often, you may already be familiar with the quirky romantic couple, Peco and Ryuchel. These two debuted as a couple and have been making more and more on and off screen appearances since!

    Peco and Ryuchel (ぺこ&りゅうちぇる)

    Dubbed as the Harajuku style’s new charisma model, Okuhiro Tetsuko (オクヒラテツコ) or Peco (ぺこ), together with reader’s model Higa Ryuji (比嘉龍二) or Ryuchel (りゅうちぇる), (who is also quarter American) has made quite a number of appearances since their couple debut and continue to grab the attention of viewers.

    Peco, despite the Harajuku girl image, has a superb household. Ryuchel, on the other hand, is known for his ‘Onee’ or feminine-like character with his high tone of voice and expressions.

    As a viewer, there are some obvious reasons behind their rising fame such as their individual fashion styles, their ‘raburabu’ or their show of affection for each other. On top of that, their very quirky characters which always draws the attention of viewers.

    Background on the couple

    Now, with most relationships, there’s always an interesting, exciting, or sometimes quirky story that describes the start of a couple’s love journey. Same rings true for this quirky couple. They met at work, at the fashionable SUPER WEGO, where Ryuchel was the senior. After a few months working together, the two went to Disneyland on a date where Ryuchel confessed his love for Peco in front of Cinderella’s castle with a tiara. Oh, how sweet! And as they say, the rest is history. They got married in September 2017!

    Both Peco and Ryuchel recently have a number of on and off screen appearances. So, had you heard of this couple before? If you’re traveling through Japan or live in Japan, turn on the TV, and keep an eye out for this cute, and quirky couple – you won’t miss them!

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