Pop out of the Sun and into Two of the ’Coolest’ Ice Cream Shops in Tokyo this Summer!

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  • Summer in Japan is extremely hot and the Japanese have their own way to cool off from the blistering heat and sunshine. Whether it’s lounging around inside air-conditioned malls or taking a dip in nearby cool and breezy beaches, there are many ways to cool off but one of the most beloved is eating delicious ice cream!

    Japanese Ice OUCA

    This ice cream shop in Ebisu, Tokyo, is revered for its unique traditional flavors. The shop makes its ice cream daily and the ingredients are all natural. These ice cream flavors range from your standard green tea (matcha), and strawberry to the more unfamiliar like soybean and brown sugar, milk, and Cherry Blossom with red bean. They also carefully select each ingredient and ice cream flavors based on the seasons to provide their customers with the freshest seasonal ingredients. OUCA is definitely the place for any ice cream connoisseur.

    Also, if you’re overwhelmed by all the flavors and have trouble picking just one, don’t worry, you can opt for three flavors all inside the one bowl, which comes in four different sizes:

    • Small – 400 yen
    • Medium – 460 yen
    • Large – 720 yen
    • Super Large – 1280 yen

    The bowls also come with salty seaweed which gives it a wonderful contrast to the sweetness of the ice cream as well as a biscuit to give it a crispy texture. These two additional items give it a beautiful balance of flavors.

    OUCA also offer seasonal, annual, and ‘only for a limited time’ items too. For example in 2015, they released shaved ice and milk ice cream in the form of an adorable polar bear. Those bears came in four different flavors for you to enjoy. This year they released various sakura and strawberry ice cream creations, along with what they call sakura dumplings. Be sure to keep an eye out on their website for these special events.

    Japanese Ice Ouce Website*Japanese Only

    Daily Chico (デイリーチコ)

    Known for their super-sized eight layers of flavored ice cream, it has gained popularity among locals and tourists alike. The site is located in Nakano Broadway and is easy to find. They offer a variety of flavors such as the standard chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, as well as the slightly more unusual flavors like banana, grape, and ramune/soda.

    There are three sizes you can choose from: small, medium, and 8 layers of the rainbow! The super cone contains all of the flavors Daily Chico has to offer. And guess what, it only costs a mere 480 yen!

    This place is very popular, even among celebrities. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has also been here and opted for the eight-layered ice cream cone. In fact, many other celebrities have graced this ice cream shop as there are photos on display of various Japanese celebrities devouring the legendary rainbow ice cream cone.

    Nakano Broadway Website

    Whether or not you’re just trying to escape the hot and humid weather, or you’re wandering the streets in need of some delicious ice cream. These two ice cream shops will definitely satisfy those cravings and help keep you cool this summer!

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