Shop For Perfume and Body Care Like Alice in Wonderland at Sabon Gourmet in Shinjuku!

  • Looking for things you can buy as great gifts in the Shinjuku area? The nature-based cosmetics brand Sabon, which originated in Israel, opened its first new branch Sabon Gourmet in NEWoMAN Shinjuku on March 25th. This store is a place where you can pick your body care items just like you would at a cake store in wonderland.

    Tasting Corner

    The main area, also known as the Tasting Corner, of the shop, is where you can create your own body care essentials and fragrances by choosing a unique combination of designs and aromas. If you are having a tough time coming up with a combination of designs and smells, the staff are specially trained to choose a combination that is to your liking. Some of the scents that are available are “Majestic Essence”, a combination of vanilla, musk, amber and citrus, “Clear Dream”, a combination of water lily and white flora, and “Wild & Free”, a combination of tropical fruit and coconut milk.

    Aroma Bar

    At the Aroma Bar, you can make your very own custom perfume bottle. You have free reign over the packaging and the product sticker as well as the personal message that you can add onto the sticker.

    Cake Counter

    One of the most unique things about Sabon Gourmet is their assortment of body scrubs and soaps. At the Cake Counter, the designer soaps are sold by weight. These soaps look like whole cakes and come in “flavors” such as English Rose Cake, English Vanilla Cake, and Round Green Tea Cake.

    Water Stand

    At the Water Stand, you can test various beauty products in the scent that you chose at the Tasting Corner. The body scrub comes in jam jars and food packaging and you can test out any product that you so choose. Each flavor is sold in the forms of bath cubes (which look like packaged sugar cubes and are absolutely adorable), bath salt, mineral powder, shower oil, milky soap, body scrub, silky body milk, sorbet body gel, butter hand cream, candles and aromas (for your room).

    This cosmetics store is definitely a great place to make and buy personalized gifts for your friends, family, and significant others so I highly suggest that you check it out if you are in the Tokyo area!

    Sabon Gourmet

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