Have a Relaxing Ryokan Experience With an Ocean View at Noto no Sho Inn

  • Every weary traveler needs a good place to rest. A place in Ishikawa Prefecture called Noto no Sho Inn can provide the necessary things fit for the tired traveler. The inn is a relaxing haven situated on top of a hill that is decorated with ornate wood trimmings. Its rooms are nice, clean and quiet and its staff is very friendly. It also has a picturesque location and culturally rich environment.

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    The Rooms


    There are different kinds of rooms categorized into A, B, C and D Types. Type A and B Rooms are suitable for two people at 56,000 yen per night with free breakfast and dinner (tax excluded). Type C and D Rooms also accommodate two people at 62,000 yen and 64,000 yen, respectively (inclusive of breakfast and dinner). All rooms have a beautiful ocean view which helps one reconnect with nature. The concept of the inn is to enable guests to have a long quiet sleep at night as it is very important for attaining happiness in life. As time goes slowly here, it is a great place for a quality slumber.

    The Onsen


    One thing that makes the place comfortable is the accessibility to an alkaline hot spring with a 10.5 pH. This is believed to provide bathers with beautiful skin due to its therapeutic properties. It can also improve skin conditions and provide treatment to medical situations as well as ease fatigue from stress and relax muscle stiffness.

    Cuisine and Activities

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    The food served is mainly made up of Japanese dishes delicately made with traditional techniques. The inn is close to Wajima’s tourist destinations such as the morning market, Wajima Matsuri Museum and different places where local crafts are produced.

    The relaxing and peaceful haven in Noto no Sho Inn not only promises a stress-free experience but a culturally enhancing one. There is also a gift shop area for you to buy souvenirs and a luggage storage at the front desk, so don’t forget to buy your souvenirs!

    Noto no Sho’s Website

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