Enjoy Summer in Traditional Japanese Style at Sumida Aquarium’s Special Event!

  • With the summer coming closer, many establishments all over the country are now bringing out their own set of preparations for the upcoming season. One particular establishment that is often visited by tourists in Tokyo has also prepared their own share of excitement for summer!

    While the season may come with the heat, Edo Kingyo Wonderland by the Sumida Aquarium may help cool you down as you watch the sea creatures swim your way!

    Sumida Aquarium

    sumida aquarium

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    The Sumida Aquarium or known as Sumida Suizokukan in Japanese is one of the most visited aquariums in Tokyo. One of the reasons why is because it is located in Tokyo Skytree Town, making it a convenient place to visit after your climb to the top of Skytree itself.

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    The Sumida Aquarium is a large indoor aquarium that opened in 2012. The aquarium features a number of attractions including the Tokyo Tank which is a replica of the seas of the Ogasawara Islands and the open pool tank where you can see seals and penguins up close.

    Edo Kingyo Wonderland

    Edo Kingyo Wonderland has one of Japan’s largest Kingyo (goldfish) exhibit zones, called Edorium, that will be open for the summer in Sumida Aquarium. The zone has been renewed to give the place the image and feel of walking along an old Edo summer festival.

    31 water tanks stretching a hundred meters will house more than 23 kinds of goldfish with different colors and shapes with about 1,000 fish total. Also, decorating the tanks will be 150 pieces of lit goldfish lanterns and Chidori lanterns.

    If you start to feel tired, you can order out some refreshments at the Penguin Cafe which will also offers goldfish themed items such as the Kingyo Soda which contains anzu and berries served in a goldfish bowl, the Kingyo Cockail which comes in alcohol and non-alcohol options, and the Kingyo Softcream that is red wine flavored.

    There is also an interactive workshop called the Bonbon Kingyo where children together with their parents can make their own goldfish with the use of paper balloons. At the Edo Fuurin Terrace, visitors to the aquarium can get to enjoy the calming sound of summer with the 500 windchimes prepared for the event. For those who are interested in checking out Edo Kingyo Wonderland, it will take place from June 1st to September 30th with entrance fees at 2,050 yen for adults, 1,500 yen for high school students, 1,000 yen middle and grade school students, and 600 yen for children 3 years old and under.

    Reaching the top of the Skytree may be a bit too hot for the summer season, but luckily, the Sumida Aquarium is located in the same place! Watching the marine animals swim around will surely give you both a relaxing and cool feeling so be sure to check it out!

    Edo Kingyo Wonderland Info (Japanese Only)

    Sumida Aquarium English Website

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