Let Aichi Prefecture’s Hospitality Relax You With a Stay at the Traditional Inn, Hazu Gasso

  • Aichi Prefecture is a distinctive place with several land areas designated for national parks. It has green hills and serene forests capable of attracting many tourists in need of a relaxing getaway. If you desire traditional Japanese hospitality for your stay, you should check out Hazu Gassho in the area. It is a Japanese-style inn located in a peaceful and picturesque setting which is also perfect for strolling.

    hazu gassho front

    The Inn

    hazu gassho bath

    Hazu Gassho is the perfect escape from the city but still provides easy access to local points of scenic and cultural interest. It is managed by the Kato family who makes sure that guests will be provided with the ultimate care and hospitality. The inn has existed for more than 200 years, throughout which, it has thoughtfully provided personalized service to guests.

    It is popularly known for its signature apex roof which is the first thing that will greet you on arrival. On the hotel grounds, guests can look forward to the open-air bath (rotemburo) coming from Yuya Hot Spring which has wonderful healing properties. The bath is made from Japanese cypress which enhances the inn’s natural environment. It is also the perfect place at night for sitting under the stars while being surrounded by verdant forests.

    The Food

    hazu gassho food

    The owner of the inn makes sure that the food matches the aesthetic detail of the surroundings. It primarily focuses on local produce and its freshness. Once you arrive at the inn, you will immediately be served a cup of matcha tea. It can be an unforgettable stay as dining courses are not only delicious but also well presented. Some of the dishes are very seasonal and can only be found in that region. They also provide exquisite Japanese dishes which some travelers may not be used to. However, they attempt to make the dishes inviting and enjoyable.

    If you want to experience an older, slower and more relaxing Japan, then Hazu Gassho is your number one option. Besides being located in a lovely prefecture, it is also home to the warmest of all Japanese hospitality.

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