Start Planning a Blissful Summer Getaway at one of Hokkaido’s Best Hot Spring Hotels!

  • Planning on having your summer holidays in Hokkaido? Then don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a refreshing stay at one of the best hot spring hotels in the area. Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei is located in the Hakodate region of Hokkaido. It doesn’t only have a great reputation locally but also abroad which offers first-rate accommodation along with a hearty welcome and relaxing ocean view.

    Rooms Available

    There are 92 rooms consisting of an open-air bath directly accessible to an ocean view, 23 rooms with a city view, and some standard rooms with a unit bath. You can choose your room type depending on your budget and preference, such as a deluxe room, standard room, and Japanese-Western room. Standard rooms have 8-12 tatami mats and the private open-air baths are made out natural materials like rock and wood giving it a great rustic feel to it.

    Dining Experience

    Dinner can be enjoyed either as a Japanese Dinner Course or Buffet-Style Dinner. The Japanese Dinner Course offers 13-14 varieties of dishes which often feature seafood. There are two types of seats to choose from; chair-type seats and Japanese seats located near the seaside. However, if you like your own privacy, then the option to dine in your room is also available at an extra charge of 2,160 yen per adult. On the other hand, Buffet-Style Dinner offers 7 open-kitchen corners; sushi corner, steak corner, raw ham corner, raw seafood corner, tempura corner, noodle corner and seafood grilling corner. About 50 dishes are constantly being prepared with chefs cooking right in front of you.


    The hotel offers so many facilities such as the following: souvenir shop, hand-and-foot massage spa, karaoke lounge room, banquet hall, ramen noodle bar, sushi bar and a heated swimming pool. There are actually two types of souvenir shops; one that sells local specialties and another that sells convenient goods. The banquet hall has several types depending on the occasion and number of people. The swimming pool is free to use for guests. You can rent a swimsuit from 300 yen (child) to 500 yen (adult).

    This is probably one of the most coveted summer getaways in Hokkaido. How about scheduling a blissfully relaxing trip to Japan’s beautiful Hokkaido and soak in the beauty of your surroundings along with the amazing hospitality that Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei has to offer!

    Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei Website


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