Ask JーPop Star Utada Hikaru All You Want on This New Page!

  • With the return of Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル) to the music industry, it seems like the songstress is concentrating on efforts to promote her comeback through the usage of social media. Recently it has been easier to get in touch with this beautiful Japanese singer, as her team has unveiled a new page which aims to answer questions from fans. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

    Fan Questions

    There are already some questions and answers on the page, but fans are welcomed to ask more questions to the Queen of J-Pop. Fans can ask questions through Twitter by using hashtag #ヒカルパイセンに聞け. If you are lucky, Utada Hikaru will pick one of your questions to be answered!

    For example, when asked about her seemingly changed voice and what she thinks about it, Utada has mentioned that she was surprised over comments that her voice has become more gentle, evokes more sense of warmth, and has also acquired a bit of a ‘motherhood quality’. She mentioned that she had spent time improving her vocal technique, living a healthier lifestyle, and also works with a new mixing engineer, which results in a difference in the sound of her music as compared to her earlier work.

    Beautiful Lyrics


    Another fan asked what her favorite part of the lyrics are in her 2 new songs, and Utada answered “Sekaijyu ga arashi no hi mo Kimi no egao ga boku no taiyou datta yo” from “Hanataba wo kimi ni”, and “Katenu sen ni ikikirashi anata ni mi wo kogashita hibi” from “Manatsu no Tooori Ame”. The first snippet means “Even on days when the entire world was filled with rain, your smile was my sun”, while the second piece of lyric means “Out of breath in a battle I can’t win if I forget the days when I burned with love for you, I won’t be me”.

    If you look at the page you will see directly that the questions and answers are in Japanese. Even the hashtag is in Japanese, so the Q&A session is obviously more catered towards her Japanese fans. However, as Utada Hikaru is fluent in English, it would not hurt to try asking your questions in English. Who knows that your questions might just be picked and answered!

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