BABYMETAL To Be Featured In Wii U Game Super Mario Maker

  • Most people have played Super Mario games at some point in their lives, and consider it to be a huge part of their childhood. Recently, Nintendo announced that its ‘Super Mario Maker’ game for the Wii U (a game creation system) will get a new addition! Read on to find out more about the newly added BABYMETAL costume!

    The Game and BABYMETAL

    Super Mario Maker was internationally released in September 2015, and it features a unique attribute in which players get to customize and design their own levels. The game received good reviews for its editing tools and user interface. No doubt, the old graphic style of the Mario game will have delighted old school fans!

    If you don’t already know about BABYMETAL, here is a short introduction. BABYMETAL is a metal idol band comprised of 3 cute girls whose stage names are Moametal, Su-metal, and Yuimetal. They would not be performing growls or playing any real heavy metal music, but rather lend their sweet voices to the metal music played by a backing band. Similar to other idol bands, they also perform cute dance moves. Many of their songs have rather cute names such as “Gimme Chocolate!!” which they performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 5th April 2016, which was their television debut in America.

    Mystery Mushroom

    As BABYMETAL’s popularity keeps growing, Nintendo decided to include the trio in the Super Mario Maker game. The BABYMETAL costume in the game will be activated when Mario obtains a Mystery Mushroom. Instead of being able to obtain 3 different characters from 3 different mushrooms, the BABYMETAL costume features the 3 girls sticking together and moving in unison. You also get to hear BABYMETAL’s voices when they jump! To get an idea of what it is like, you can watch this video which was released by Nintendo!

    The BABYMETAL costume will be available in Japan from the 28th of April 2016. It should be great fun playing the game in the BABYMETAL costume, combining nostalgia with one of the hottest bands of the moment!

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