Krispy Kreme Japan Is Making Summer Even Sweeter With These Limited-Time Flavors!

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  • With every changing season, many establishments in Japan are introducing their own fair share of items to attract consumers by mixing in a seasonal theme. And with summer coming in just a weeks, you might have spotted some shops that are preparing for the hot season.

    One popular donut chain that is well loved by many including, of course, the Japanese, has also been taking part in bringing their creativity. Krispy Kreme Japan is about to bring you 4 new treats that have been added to their selection that match the summer season!

    Suika (Watermelon)

    One of the most anticipated treats during summer in Japan is watermelon and Krispy Kreme Japan seems like they’ll be serving just that. Using real watermelon juice, the Suika or watermelon donut is topped with a watermelon-flavored jelly and also chocolate chips recreating a cute image of a real watermelon for 230 yen.

    Lemon Glazed

    The Lemon Glazed donut uses real lemon juice and what’s more, the glazed donut itself is topped with a slice of real lemon, complementing the whole treat’s flavor for 230 yen.

    Old Fashioned Banana

    Speaking of summer gives the image of the tropics and what fruit can we find plenty of in many tropical areas? Bananas! The classic old fashion favorite is made simple, using banana cake and sugar coated to a finish for 210 yen.

    Strawberry Choco Sprinkle

    And lastly, the Strawberry Choco Sprinkle. The old school donut is topped with strawberry frosting and colorful sprinkles that kids would surely love for 190 yen.

    Now if you want to take a bite of all the flavors, the Ring Ring Summer Dozen for 2,000 yen comes with 2 of each new donut and 4 of Krispy Kreme’s original glazed donuts.

    The watermelon donut definitely gives us the image of summer and it will probably be quite a popular item thanks to how cute it looks! Krispy Kreme Japan brings out a creative selection every time the season changes! They will be serving these new donuts from June 8th until July 19th. They’re only available for just over a month, so be sure to drop by your nearest Krispy Kreme branch while they last!

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