Check Out This Century-Old Green Tea Specialist Restaurant’s Matcha Beer Garden!

  • Japan is one of the countries in the world that is known to compliment many dishes with tea. There are a wide range of teas here from ryokucha, mugicha, hojicha, matcha and many more. But of course, the use of tea here is not only limited to beverages. Tea can also be incorporated into dishes known as “ocha ryori.”

    Japan has more than 300 years of deep ocha ryori culture and it keeps on changing with the times, adding variations to each dish. One restaurant in Tokyo however, has provided ocha ryori for more than a century, incorporating the ingredient for both food and drink. Interested in trying ocha ryori firsthand? Then head down to Green Tea Restaurant 1899!

    About Green Tea Restaurant 1899

    Located in Ochanomizu in Tokyo, Green Tea Restaurant 1899 has had more than a hundred years of history. It first started out as a ryokan, or a Japanese style lodge, and is now operating as a hotel named Ryumeikan with the Green Tea Restaurant 1899 on the 1st floor.

    Operating as a cafe in the afternoon, the restaurant turns into a tea cuisine specialty restaurant for dinner time. From potato salads to wagyu sirloin, fried rice and shabu shabu, each dish certainly has its own mix of matcha involved. But one popular selection that people come here for is the beverage that’s available for a limited time only.

    Matcha Beer Garden

    The Matcha Beer Garden event of Green Tea Restaurant 1899 is only available during the summer season. Serving a total of 9 beer varieties from matcha to hojicha beers to your classic nama beer and even nonalcohol varieties, you can drink all you can for a whole two hours for 3,800 yen.

    Matcha has undoubtedly become popular over the years and the matcha mixed alcohol was also a big hit! With Green Tea Restaurant 1899 having such a long history of using tea as an ingredient, the idea passing up the opportunity to bring another interesting tea creation was out of the question.

    But if you’d like to have some food with your beer, you can also opt to order the matcha beer garden set for 3,000 yen or the ocha ryori ala carte selections for a heavier meal. This year, they’re also adding in matcha wine which is a mix of matcha and white wine for a blend that complements both a sweet and bitter taste.

    The Matcha Beer Garden event will be taking place from June 1st to September 30th so this will be a great opportunity for those who’d like to try out the matcha beer. Also, make sure to try out the dishes at Green Tea Restaurant 1899 to experience ocha ryori if you haven’t already!

    Green Tea Restaurant 1899

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