Death Note Fans- the Latest Movie Sequel is Finally Being Released After 10 Long Years!

  • Death Note fans, great news! There will be a new Death Note live action movie to be released this year, entitled ‘Death Note Light up the NEW World’. Its release comes 10 years after the first 2 Death Note films, ‘Death Note: The Last Name’ and ‘Death Note: The Last Name 2’. So, if Death Note is your favorite Japanese comic book (manga) series, see here for more details on the release of the latest sequel!


    The new movie is a sequel to ‘Death Note: The Last Name 2’ and is based on the ‘6 notes’ rule which states that only 6 Death Notes can be present in the human world at a time. The film isn’t revolved around the two main characters in the previous films, Light Yagami (Kira) and L. The movie introduces two new characters who are said to be more intelligent and have inherited the DNA of Light and L.

    The poster for ‘Death Note Light up the NEW World’ has been unveiled, which features the three main characters (from left to right): Yugi Shion (played by Masaki Suda), Tsukuru Mishima (played by Masahiro Higashide), and Ryuzaki (played by Sousuke Ikematsu).


    Yugi Shion is a cyber-terrorist who is also a Kira worshipper.

    Ryuzaki is a highly intelligent detective who is also the successor of L.

    Tsukuru Mishima is a police investigator who is involved in the Death Note case.

    Sho Nanase is another police investigator and the character is played by the actress Mina Fuuji.

    Erika Toda will be reprising her role as Misa Amane, who in the previous films was infatuated with Light. She was also the second Kira in the original series.

    Also, an ex-member of the Japanese mega-idol group AKB48, Rina Kawaei will also feature as Sakura Aoi who is a female character who possesses one of the Death Notebooks and is said to be the opposite of Light Yagami due to her sloppy murder style.

    ‘Death Note Light up the NEW World’ will be released on the 29th of October 2016. Since some of the main characters are not in the comic books, the storyline is obviously non-canonical. Nevertheless, I bet many Death Note fans are excited about this upcoming film!

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