Taste the Perfectly Cooked Delectable Dishes at This Spanish Grill in Roppongi!

  • Ever wondered what Spanish grilled meat tastes like in Japan? Head now to Asador El Cielo, a Spanish-inspired restaurant in Roppongi which serves Spanish cuisine as well as steak and seafood, where you can indulge in the thrill of Spanish grill! It is mainly popular for its grilled foods which use an elegant combination of a grill and oven in a single machine called the Josper Grill.

    First Look at the Restaurant

    Asador El Cielo

    Asador El Cielo has quite an entrance which will lead you downstairs ito its main dining area. The design is actually quite similar to that of a wine cellar. The restaurant is really cozy with dim lighting and elliptical archways typical of Spanish architecture. Its tables are communal in nature which can be shared by many people who would love to have a great party with good food. Its walls are brick-lined which makes it traditional and rustic. It takes only 3 minutes walk from the Hibiya Subway Line at Roppongi Station and is open on a daily basis. It has a 66-seating capacity and an 80-standing capacity.

    The In-House Josper Grill

    grill res 3

    What makes the restaurant stand out from the rest is the Josper grill which makes the cooking more upscale. Anything it cooks is considered to be the hottest and tastiest barbecue ever. It is a cross between a charcoal grill and a broiler which is actually a demanding process but produces haute cuisine with unparalleled flavors. Its dual functionality perfects the grilled food from fruit and vegetables to fish and meat. This grill is often the object of envy from other restaurant competitors as it produces mouth-watering and flavorful dishes.

    The Menu

    If it’s your first time at the restaurant, you will be provided with menu recommendations; Sirloin Steak, Grilled or Sauteed Chicken and other grilled or sauteed dishes. The English menu is available as well and there are some English-speaking members of staff. You’ll normally be spending an average price of 1,000 yen for lunch and 5,000 yen for dinner. Most of the foods are bigger-than-bite size in a large selection of authentic dishes. Of course, you cannot forego drinking wine which is the highlight of eating medium-rare meats.

    Asador El Cielo is synonymous to Spanish Grill perfection! This is definitely one of the elegant restaurants you should try in Roppongi.

    Asador El Cielo Tabelog

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