These 3 Fluffy Bread Creations Found in Tokyo Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

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  • Rice is a staple food in Japan. But do you know that Japanese people love bread too? In fact, you can see several shops selling sandwiches and various types of sweet and savory bread. If you’re after fluffy bread with sweet filling, here are three of the must-eats in the Tokyo area which can definitely make your day sweeter.

    Andesu Matoba’s Anpan

    bread anpan

    Anpan is a common Japanese sweet bread with red bean paste that is actually one of the country’s favorites. One of the famous bakeries known as Andesu Matoba produces some of the most delicious anpan in the area. They several types of red bean paste which can also come in a green color and other fillings such as pumpkin or chestnut. The shop also sells some seasonal bread and buns. Check out the shop through its Tabelog page. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes from the station on foot to reach the shop.


    Kagetsudo’s Jumbo Melon Pan

    Kagetsudo’s Jumbo Melon Pan is one of the heavenly bread sensations in Asakusa. It is very popular due to its distinctive shape and size. This is not your ordinary melon pan as it is much larger than your open hand! It is coated in cookie crumbs with a cantaloupe pattern. It has a sweet, subtle taste which keeps customers coming back for more. About 2,000 of these are baked every day and are eventually sold out so you might want to get to the shop early in order to try some of these!

    Kagetsudo’s Tabelog


    Yakumo’s Mushipan

    Yakumo is an adorable shop specializing in a soft type of bread called mushipan. It is located near the beautiful Komazawa Park and can easily be spotted due to its eye-catching storefront. It has only 4 available seats inside and a table outside. Its mushipan comes in different flavors such as chocolate or caramel and even flavors like ham and corn! The bread is extremely fluffy and is also warmed before you grab a bite. This is considered to be a healthier way of eating which makes it an attractive option to customers.

    Yakumo (Japanese only)


    These 3 fluffy types of bread will make a great snack if you’re traveling in Tokyo. Be sure to stop by these areas, if you get the chance!

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