Why are Pancakes so Popular Among Girls in Japan?

  • Harajuku is one of the most popular spots among foreigners coming visit in Japan. Long years ago, Japanese girls eating crapes in Harajuku was the talk of the town, and picked up by magazines.

    This made us to think that girls eating sweets are “cute” in the modern society. Today the crape can be replaced with pancake for us girls. Japanese girls do love pancake. They get in line for hours to eat pancake everywhere. As soon as TV show mentions a new pancake shop, it is filled with female visitors the next day.

    How come Japanese girls are crazy about pancake that much? What attracts them these days? Here are some interesting researches.

    1. Because it is fancy and girly

    To the surprise, the first result turned out to be this; it is because pancake is a fancy and girly sweets ever. Furthermore, they want to recognize that themselves are just eating something so fashionable at a nice cafe. It does motivate all the Japanese girls.

    2. Because they want to post photos on SNS

    Alas! The second result comes out like this; it is because they just want to take photos of pancake and themselves eating it, and post them on SNS.

    In fact, Japanese girls upload tons of pictures of themselves eating pretty pancakes on facebook, twitter, and so forth.

    People think that girls having pancake (in packs) enjoy their girl’s life lots.

    3. Because it is… yummy

    Finally this comes out; it is because pancake is delicious! It actually tastes wonderful. Many fruits and whip cream on top, fluffy and rich texture… Everything about pancake attracts Japanese sweets lovers. However, conversely, they are all delicious. The author hasn’t heard of something like “baddest pancake” before. Thus, Japanese girls love enjoy their girl’s life with cute pancake, after all.

    Do your country have pancake shops? If so, they must be cute and attractive for women just as Japanese ones. The author thinks that the fact Japanese girls love to go eat pancake is caused by our fashion culture. What makes girls appear cuter, feminine, and enjoy with many friends are always in Japanese girl’s mind because these idea will tell that they are bright as a girl!

    Why don’t you put full makeup on you and go eat pancake with your female friends? You will feel perfect and thank god you are a girl!

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