How can I get to the correct station?

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  • When you visit Japan, and if you decide to use public transportation to move, I m really sure Japanese transportation system especially trains in Tokyo make you freak out. Because there are many lines, many people, and many stations. I think most difficult thing is to get correct station. However, there are many system for foreign visitors, and also I will show you how to get the destination. So when you confuse which train is what you want to take, you can take a look at this article!
    For just a example, I’ll explain about Shibuya station which is one of the boggest station in Japan.

    Step1. Which line is correct?

    how to get correct train 1

    As I said before, there are many lines in Shibuya station. As you can look the map, the different color lines means different lines. In Shibuya, there are different station depending on different line, so you have to check which lines’ station you are in. To check the line, there are specific colors depending on the lines just like a picture below

    how to get correct train 2

    These colors are matched with the line colors which are first map. And also, in front of the station, you can see those colors, so you should check if the colors of the station and the colors of lines are matching

    2. Buy a ticket

    To buy a ticket for your destination, you have two options- just buy a ticket from where you are right now to your destination, or buy a specific card, called IC card,which can be used for putting money in it, and you can go wherever you want.

    how to get correct train 3

    These are machine to buy a ticket. All you have to do is that look at the map which is on the machine and check the cost

    how to get correct train 4

    For example, if you want to go from Shibuya , which has red arrow, to Gakigeidaigaku, which has blue arrow, you have to get a ticket which costs 150yen. (80 yen is for a child)

    how to get correct train 5

    These are the cards are called IC card that you can also get from the tickes machines. These cards are just like a ticket, but the difference is that you can put the money on it, and you can go wherever you want as long as the money that you put

    Step 3. Pass the ticket gates!

    If you have a ticket, you put your ticket inside of the ticket gate just like the photo shows

    If you have IC card, you just have to put your card on the mark just like the photo shows

    Step 4 take the train!!!

    Here, I explained about how you get to correct train station. The train system in Japan is really complicated, so if you have question, you should ask someone such as staff in stations . I’m glad if this article will be a part of your help to enjoy Japan !

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