See One of the World’s ’3 Most Beautiful Sunsets’ While Enjoying Fresh Seafood in Kushiro

  • Kushiro is a town located in the southeast of Hokkaido. This port town is also known as “the town of mist” as it has many foggy days. Even in the summer, the weather will not be so hot and does not usually exceed 20 degrees. In this town lies one of the top 3 most beautiful sunsets in the world.

    Among the World’s Top 3 Most Beautiful Sunsets

    There is a well-known bridge in Kushiro which is called the Nusamai Bridge. The bridge was named after nusa-oma-I, which is a word in the Ainu language meaning offering site. It is at this bridge that you can enjoy viewing the beautiful sunset, which made it onto the list of top 3 most beautiful sunsets, along with Manila in the Philippines and Bali in Indonesia. The bridge offers a breathtaking view of the sunset which is slightly covered by mist. It is said that the beauty of the sunset became popular after local mariners were so intoxicated by its beauty that they called it one of the top 3 most beautiful sunsets in the world.


    Besides the magnificent view of the sunset, Kushiro is also known for its delicious seafood. One of the popular choices is Katte-don in Washo Fish Market. Basically, Katte-don is rice topped with fresh sashimi. After getting a bowl of rice, you can browse around the various stores in the market and choose your favorite sashimi as toppings.


    Another popular way to enjoy the tasty seafood Kushiro has to offer is through robata-yaki, in which seafood is placed on a charcoal fire and grilled in front of customers. There are many restaurants that serve seafood in this manner in Kushiro.

    Kushiro Ramen

    Other than seafood, Kushiro is also known for its Kushiro Ramen. Thin wavy noodles are used for the ramen, and the soup is light soy sauce-based. It is said that thin wavy noodles are used as they only require a short time to boil so the fishermen do not need to wait long to enjoy a bowl of ramen.

    Kushiro may not be very well known among those who want to travel to Japan. However, it has many great offerings, so be sure to include Kushiro as one of the places you must visit if you are planning a trip to Hokkaido!

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