3 Delicious Miso-Based Dishes to Try as You Journey Through the Land of the Rising Sun!

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  • The salty, savory (umami) popular Japanese dish, miso soup is definitely a crowd favorite in Japan, as well as, overseas with many Japanese restaurants based abroad featuring miso soup on the menu. Obviously, miso soup is the most popular Japanese dish which uses miso as the main ingredient but did you know that there are 3 other miso-based dishes that are also very popular in Japan?

    Be sure to keep an eye out for them and try them out as you journey through the land of the rising sun.

    1. Miso Dengaku

    Miso Dengaku consists of vegetables and tofu which are topped with a special miso sauce. Common vegetables used for this dengaku dish are eggplants, yams, and radishes. Besides that, konnyaku can also be used as konnyaku can be quite tasteless on its own, but when topped with miso dengaku sauce, it becomes a delicious treat!

    2. Saba no Misoni

    ‘Saba no Misoni’ is a Japanese dish that is commonly cooked at home, probably due to its simplicity because it’s basically mackerel fish that is braised in miso sauce. Also, even if you usually don’t like to eat fish because of the fishy smell, definitely give this dish a try if you’re as the miso sauce not only masks that fishy smell but turns it into a delicious meal! Be sure to eat it with some freshly steamed hot rice.

    3. Miso katsu

    Miso katsu is a famous dish in Nagoya where a dark red miso paste, called ‘hatcho miso’, is used as a sauce for the pork cutlet. Hatcho miso is known as the emperor’s miso which makes it a premium ingredient in Japan. It has a rich flavor that can taste unusual to those that haven’t yet acquired a taste for it. So, if you don’t like it at first, don’t worry, the more you eat Nagoya’s miso katsu, the more you’ll fall in love with the rich flavors.

    There you go, three more miso-based dishes to keep an eye out on your travel adventures throughout Japan. If you’ve tried other miso-based dishes in Japan that you absolutely love and would like to add to this list, comment below! Itadakimasu!

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