Enjoy a Wide Selection of Japan’s Best Soba and Sake at Soba Fes 2016!

  • Are you starting to feel the summer heat here in Japan? While we’re still just a little while ahead of the official summer months, the heat here has gone a bit haywire and has started reaching midsummer temperatures all throughout the country!

    soba fes summer heat

    Many of us have our own preventative measures in order to avoid overheating and feeling dehydrated during these months, but what’s a fun way to keep cool if you’d like something different? Many festivals begin popping up for the summer so why not enjoy a wide selection of soba and sake from all around Japan at Soba Fes!

    Soba Fes

    soba fest 1

    The Soba Fes or also know as the Oedo Waen or Oedo Soba Exhibit and Sake Festival is a fun 4-day event taking place at Yoyogi Park’s event space from June 16th to June 19th, 2016. The event is a great place to enjoy not only soba and sake from different regions from Japan but also a place where you can participate in different activities.

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    As part of the festival’s Oedo Soba Exhibit, each local region, such as Horokanai in Hokkaido, Echizen in Fukui, and Okuaizu in Hiroshima and many more will be bringing their most prominent soba, each with their own distinct pride.

    soba fest 3

    Visitors to the festival can also take part in the soba uchi or soba noodle making activity and even the mashiko-yaki (pottery) making activity. There is sure to be an event that both kids and adults can enjoy. The gathering of sake from different regions of Japan will also be a hit for the adults, and there will even be drinks just right for the those who aren’t too fond of sake as well.

    soba fes sake

    Now here’s a fun event that you can enjoy with your friends or family for the summer. Entrance to the festival is free so you’ll just need to bring money for what you’ll be ordering. Make sure to check out the Soba Festival and don’t let the heat get to you!

    Soba Fes Info on Yoyogi Park’s Website (Japanese only)

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