Craving Something Sweet? Try These 4 Delightful Desserts From Kobe!

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  • Kobe, the capital city of Hyogo prefecture, is one of Japan’s ten largest cities. If you ask the locals what this city is famous for, they will probably give you three answers: world-class wagyu meat, one of the best harbour night views in Japan, and last but not least, the delicious desserts. The desserts here are not just good for yourself, they also make for very suitable omiyage (food souvenirs) for family and friends. Let me introduce 4 super yummy desserts from Kobe to you!

    Konditorei Kobe’s Cream Cheesecake

    This cream cheesecake has bagged the golden award from international quality institution Monde Selection several times. The cake is about 10cm in diameter and packed in a yellow round box boasting the golden award mark. It contains 2 kinds of cream cheese from France and Australia. Together with yoghurt, the cake tastes rich but refreshing. Its texture varies depending on whether you store it in the refrigerator or at room temperature, but both ways it will taste excellent!

    You can click here for their online store (mainly in Japanese), and here for directions (the store is located between Osaka and Kobe, near the Osaka airport).

    Kannoya’s Denmark Cheesecake

    Just for clarification, this is not actual Danish cheesecake, but the original ‘Denmark cheesecake’ from Kobe that is made with cheese directly imported from Denmark. The cake is a little bit crispy on the outside but extremely soft and spongy on the inside, and the cheese is melted on top perfectly. You normally won’t expect to see much real cheese in cheesecake but the cheese of this cake comes off stringy like real cheese does! Therefore, you can store the cake in the refrigerator but you do have to heat it up before eating. That way the Danish cheese will melt, spread all across and cover the top of the cake just like lava. Um.. yummy!

    You can click here for more information, and here for directions.

    Frantz’ Magic Pot Pudding

    The history of pudding in Kobe is not very long, only about 20 years. However, it is one of the most famous confectioneries now in Kobe! You can see a lot of puddings of different brands in shops, but the magic pot pudding from Frantz must be the most special one.

    The pot that contains the pudding is a cute little brown one, and it can be divided into three layers. The bottom layer is caramel sauce, there is creamy custard in the middle, and fresh cream covers the top. It is indeed a smooth pudding with an elegant sweetness. Apart from the most popular caramel custard-flavoured one, magic pot puddings are also offered in other flavours include mango, strawberry, chocolate, etc.

    You can click here for their homepage (in Japanese), and here for directions.

    Kawara Senbei

    Senbei is a typical Japanese rice cracker that is usually made of rice and has a savoury flavour. However, the kawara senbei that originated in Kobe is made of flour, eggs, and sugar, giving it a subtle sweetness. Because of this it is a perfect side for coffee and tea, hence its popularity among Western visitors. Although there are a lot of varieties in shape today, original kawara senbei look like a roof tile, ‘kawara’ in Japanese. Some shops can customise your senbei’s logo, name, and picture, so you can even tailor-make your own kawara senbei!

    You can click here for their homepage (in Japanese), and here for directions.

    As you can see there are plenty of delicious reasons to visit Kobe, so don’t forget to include this gourmet destination in your travel plans the next time you are in the area!

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