Check Out the Unusual Way This Japanese Hospital Challenges Its Medical Students

  • Potential doctors and surgeons are required to be book smart to ensure that they are knowledgeable about diseases and how to treat patients. Other than being able to ace the written exams, it is obviously also highly important that surgeons have the skills to operate on patients. Therefore, a hospital in Japan has come up with a series of bizarre tests for medical students to prove their skills!

    The Hospital

    Kurashiki Central Hospital is recognized for providing one of the top surgical internship programs in Japan. The hospital has come up with 3 challenges which heavily rely on precision. Each challenge is given a time limit of 15 minutes. The students are given surgical instruments to be used in the challenges.

    Test #1

    The first test involves folding a piece of square paper into a paper crane. That may not sound difficult if it were a regular-sized piece of paper, but the paper that is used only measures 1.5 square centimeters! The challenge proves difficult as the small paper becomes more challenging to shape after folding it several times.

    Test #2

    The second test involves a dead insect which has its body parts split into 13 different pieces. The students are tasked to reassemble the pieces to form the dead insect, without causing any damage to the fragile pieces.

    Test #3

    The third challenge is based on the most famous Japanese food, which is sushi. In this challenge, the medical students have to build minuscule sushi by using only one grain of rice. The toppings have to be cut into tiny pieces, and it is pretty difficult to cut and wrap a grain of rice with a tiny strip of seaweed.

    While it may seem strange for a prominent hospital to conduct these challenges, they were indeed useful as they test the participants’ abilities and concentration to work under pressure. These tests also train them to have steady hands, which is an extremely important skill required of surgeons! Aside from these challenges, conventional written tests are also conducted.

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