Meet Japan’s Most Stylish Bunny, Instagram Sensation PuiPui!

  • Pets play a large part in the lives of the people who own them. While many landlords in Japan deny tenants who own pets, it’s not hard to see people walking around the street with them. Whether on leashes or baby carriages, many pets in Japan are considered to be the owners’ babies.

    While there are many pets to consider, cats and dogs are the majority of animals that are kept as pets here. Though there are some people would also consider keeping rabbits as pets too. And speaking of rabbits, Japan has an undeniably cute and fashionable rabbit making a name for itself. Meet PuiPui, Japan’s undeniably stylish bunny!


    Now who said only cats and dogs could take the spotlight when it comes to insta-fame? PuiPui, an adorable Holland Lop rabbit from Tokyo, has been making its name in social media for being an Instagram-famous rabbit. Under the Instagram account @mumitan, PuiPui has been showing off how cute and stylish he is and currently has more than 38,000 followers!

    What made PuiPui Insta-Famous Anyway?

    Rabbits have always been cute animals and anyone who owns one can just post photos of their beloved pets. But what sets PuiPui apart from other rabbits is how he dresses up!

    PuiPui’s outfits are handmade by his owner Mumitan and the variety of costumes is sure to grab your attention. The intricate costumes of PuiPui take on a different level of cuteness with some outfits ranging from a Sherlock Holmes-inspired detective costume, costumes with themes for events like Halloween and Christmas, and even Japanese costumes as well complete with matching background props!

    Many people are awed by PuiPui’s cuteness and his matching stylish outfits. I’d want to own a rabbit like PuiPui myself. If only the housing agency allowed it! Nevertheless, this adorable furry bunny has sure made a name for itself on social media. If you want to see more of PuiPui, make sure to follow Mumitan’s account!

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