The King of All Monsters Is Back! Check Out Godzilla’s New Film Coming This Summer!

  • Since the Showa Period, one monster’s name in Japan has been known and passed on for decades. Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, is once again back in 2016 after two years with a new look and a scarier movie to look forward to!

    Background of Godzilla

    The monster Godzilla first appeared in the 1954 film by Honda Ishiro. The film franchise currently has 28 films produced by Japanese film producer Toho as well as two Hollywood films. The origin of Godzilla in Japanese film context depicts the sea monster being awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation.

    Godzilla has become a worldwide pop culture icon having a wide range of appearances in comic books, television shows, video games and even in novels. Godzilla has played both the role of the protagonist and antagonist in films, both fighting other monsters and being a threat to the land.

    Shin Godzilla

    Shin Godzilla, or its English title, Godzilla Resurgence, is the latest upcoming Godzilla film co-directed by Anno Hideaki, the creator of the popular manga and anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. He is collaborating with Higuchi Shinji, the director of the Attack on Titan film.

    The cast of the new Godzilla film includes Hasegawa Hiroki, Takenouchi Yutaka, Ishihara Satomi and many more actors, making a total of 328 cameos. The film, claimed by the makers, is said to be the scariest Godzilla film to date. And also from the trailer released by Toho and the slogan on the promotional poster, we can guess that this film will be a battle between Japan and Godzilla.

    Shin Godzilla is set to be shown in Japanese theatres starting from July 29th. So what do you think the new Godzilla film will be about? The production and film effects have definitely changed quite a bit from the first to the latest Godzilla film. If you’re in Japan at the time of the release, make sure that you check out the film!

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