First Summer in Japan? Try These 3 Easy-to-Find Items That Will Keep You Cool!

  • There’s no stopping June from coming and that only means the summer is within reach! Indoors or outdoors, people are starting to feel the heat and the need to cool off and refresh themselves anywhere. With so many items on the market, not everyone, especially those who are new to Japanese summer are sure or even familiar with what to buy or use.

    With the number of items you can use, there will always be some to stand out from the rest. Can’t take the heat anymore? Well, check out these summer items to help you beat the heat in Japan!

    Odor and Sweat Body Sheets

    One of the things that many people mind during the summer here in Japan is sweat and the body odor it may cause. Luckily there are body sheets that you can easily buy from any supermarket, drugstore or even convenience stores all over the country. There are body sheets for both men and women, and there are also face sheets available. The best-known brand for body sheets for women is Biore and Gatsby for men. If you’ll be buying a body sheet, make sure to check if there’s a Cool/クール or Ice/アイス mark written so you’ll get a refreshing feeling once you wipe yourself with it.

    Hie Pita or Cooling Adhesives

    I’m sure many of you have seen Hie Pita’s in Japan and I’m also sure you’re wondering why anyone would use these even without a fever right? While it’s true that hie pitas are used to cool down a person’s fever, these are actually a great alternative to wet towels and even ice bags which either drip or melt quickly. Slapping a piece of a hie pita on the nape of your neck, forehead, chest, or even underarms will surely cool you down and not to mention they’ll stay cool for quite a while too.

    Hinyari or Cooling Gel Mattress

    And the last item to help keep the heat at bay, especially at night, is the Cooling Gel Mattress. Some people find it hard to sleep at night during summer even with the air conditioner on. If you’re one of them, the cooling gel mattress is your solution. Most of these mattresses use compact gels that don’t spill even if the main fabric gets broken and these absorb and release heat quicker than traditional items used in the summer such as ice pads.

    Summer here in Japan can get pretty sweltering! No matter where you live or stay in Japan, you’ll be needing at least one of these three cooling items, especially if it’s your first summer here. Prevention is better than cure so make sure to take lots of fluids and bring essential cooling items with you, especially when going out in the sun!

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