Take a Rare Trip From Tokyo to Kyoto on Doctor Yellow, the Test Shinkansen That Brings Good Luck!

  • With shinkansen trains traveling a long distance from one point to another in different parts of Japan, there’s no doubt these will take quite a lot of maintenance checks to ensure the utmost safety of its passengers. The shinkansen trains have something to carry these out! Most of us might not have seen a glimpse of it yet, or some of you probably haven’t even heard of the shinkansen doctor!

    That’s right, there’s a shinkansen doctor and its name is Doctor Yellow, which is also a train. Keeping everything checked is its duty and if you’re itching to find out more about it, then you’re in just the right place!

    About Doctor Yellow

    The Class 923 multipurpose inspection train or much known as Doctor Yellow is the high-speed test train that is used to inspect, test, and diagnose the express passenger train routes used by shinkansen trains. Due to its function and color, the train was given the nickname Doctor Yellow.

    Getting to see Doctor Yellow is a rare sight because the train’s schedule is not even open to the public, not to mention it only runs a few times a month and doesn’t make stops or allow passengers to ride.

    Doctor Yellow Tour

    Luckily, Doctor Yellow now is accepting passengers but only for a limited time again this summer. The tour will be available for three date options from July 29th, 30th, or 31st.

    The tour will start off at Tokyo Station and is also possible at Shinagawa and Yokohama Station where participants will be heading off to Kyoto and will get to experience a trip to Arashiyama, the rail car trains, and Kiyomizudera on the first day.

    On the second day, participants will visit the railway base where they can experience Doctor Yellow up close. After that, participants will head to the Kyoto National Museum and travel back to Tokyo at night.

    Some of the things the participants can look forward to on the tour are the commemorative photo, an interior look at Doctor Yellow, a look at the train’s cleaning process and experiencing the tilted train frame and sound test demonstration.

    For those who are interested in taking part in the tour, the price for adults is from 49,900-52,900 yen and 39,900-42,900 yen for kids available at Hankyu Travel. There is also a saying that getting to see a glimpse of Doctor Yellow brings good luck! This could be your chance so don’t miss it out!

    Hankyu Travel’s English Website

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