Foop: Beautiful Japanese Design for Home Gardening

  • After an indoor hydroponic garden in one of Pasona’s buildings near Tokyo Station, now there is something new for those interested in having a miniature garden in their own home. Most of the time, living in Japan means adjusting to a smaller space to live in. Some places are so cramped that there is no room to spare for a little indoor garden. However, because of a new Japanese invention, a tiny space doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t put your green thumb to good use. Smart craftsmen from Hida of Gifu Prefecture have come up with a clever design that goes by the catchy name of “foop”. Read on to find out more about this nifty little invention!

    What is Foop?

    The name foop stands for the words ‘food’ and ‘people’ and has been designed by a Japanese company called ‘C’estec’. It is an agricultural kit that allows plants to grow in water rather than soil, and it has specifically been designed for indoor use. This method is commonly known as hydroponics, where plants are given access to nutrient solutions in the water. This is great for growing small crops such as arugula, basil, lettuce, parsley and so on. It is great for people living in crowded cities just like Tokyo that want to do a bit of urban gardening!

    How to Use It

    The device is not only very space-efficient and good for your health, it also looks elegant and fashion-forward as it is crafted from wood. You cannot see any buttons or switches in it. If you want to make adjustments regarding temperature, lighting, humidity and the like you can do it using the foop app, which is connected to your smartphone. This app will give you a prediction on the amount of time your plant needs to grow.

    In order for plants to grow in optimal pace, you don’t need to check it super often. It has built-in features such as CO2 sensors, LED lights, regulation fans, and a small hand pump for pumping air into the water. There are around 20 different statuses that can be shown on your display regarding your plants’ condition. Once they’re fully grown, you can just open the cover and slide out the tray.

    Foop will officially be launched in September 2016, and there is just one drawback: it comes at the hefty price of 38,800 yen (around 390 American dollars)! Only 100 devices were pre-ordered and they have already sold out, but you can check this website (in Japanese) for more information.

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