Mister Donut’s Summer-Limited Cotton Snow Candy Is Back and Better Than Ever!

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  • Feeling the midsummer heat before the summer months have even officially arrived can be quite a pain, not to mention a big headache. What you’ll mostly need in this heat is good hydration through plenty of cold drinks to get you through it. Luckily in Japan, many establishments are prepared to help you keep cool!

    While Mister Donut in other countries prioritizes their donuts only, Mister Donut Japan takes every product seriously making sure they gain attention, especially during the upcoming summer season. If you’re looking for something cool to help relieve the heat, then you’re in luck because Mister Donut’s popular summer item is back and with more options!

    Mister Donut Cotton Snow Candy

    The Cotton Snow Candy by Mister Donut is a very popular item on their list that is only available during the summer months in Japan. These summer sweets were first brought out in 2014 using their special machine which makes thin and soft ice with a fluffy texture. Naturally, these items became an instant hit that sold over an accumulated total of 6,000,000 cups in summer of 2015.

    For its 3rd year, the Cotton Snow Candy is adding new more varieties to the previous flavors which are mango, strawberry, and chocolate. Although we won’t be getting the matcha flavor this year, they’ll be adding in fruit and fruit juice mixes making a total of 8 flavors to choose from. Here are the new options for this year!

    Strawberry Yoghurt and Strawberry Milk

    Mixing in strawberry fruit and strawberry sauce in thin firm ice, the strawberry yoghurt gives a fresh vivid color that is sure to catch the eye of many people will. The strawberry milk, unlike the strawberry yoghurt, may seem a bit paler in color due to not having the large chunks of strawberry but it gives a simpler feeling thanks to the one-tone pink color made by the strawberry flavored ice topped with condensed milk.

    Mango Yoghurt and Mango Milk

    For the mango yoghurt, the mango slices and mango juice emphasize the tropical feeling of this treat in addition to the yellow color its topping of both mango sauce and yoghurt. The mango milk similarly to the previously mentioned strawberry milk flavor, brings double the sweetness thanks to the mix of mango and condensed milk.

    White Peach

    And the last and newest fruit addition to the Cotton Snow Candy line up is the white peach flavor. The largely cut white peach slices create a great balance with the ice’s thick milk flavor. The color of the white peach and ice also creates a nice balance.

    Mister Donut Japan will start serving the Cotton Snow Candy from June 1st until the end of August, making sure to satisfy your thirst for something cold and sweet to get through the hot weather. If you’ve never tried the Cotton Snow Candy before then here’s your chance! With new flavors to come, which Cotton Snow Candy would you choose?

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