Want to Be a Professional Gamer? Tokyo School of Anime Has 4 New Majors For Aspiring Pros!

  • With the further growing advancement of technology, it’s no wonder that life has certainly changed quickly in the past few years. Nowadays, almost all of our hobbies run through digital platforms and connect many people from different parts of the globe with the click of a button.

    The gaming scene has particularly grown to become a well advanced and developed area and it’s one reason why e-sports have become a worldwide phenomenon. And of course, Japan would never be the last to join the bandwagon. In fact, Japan already has a school for those aspiring people who’d like to embark in the pro gaming profession! Interested to find out more? Read on!

    Tokyo School of Anime

    The Tokyo School of Anime, as the name suggests, is an established vocational school that focuses on the different majors involving anime such as production, creation, design, anime business, and voice acting. Last year, they added the newest curriculum to their school offering 4 different majors focusing on the different aspects of the gaming industry.

    The 4 New Majors

    The first is the e-sports general pro gamer major. This major is perfect for those aspiring to become well known professional gamers or even to become a manager handling the team and gamers. Students are taught about engaging in different game genres and titles and also learn about professionalism.

    The second is the e-sports caster major. This major is for those aspiring to become announcers, commentators, and MC’s for e-sport events and competitions. Students will be taught the knowledge and necessary skills of how to present and report during live events.

    The third is the e-sports publicity promotion major. Students of this major are taught the basics of e-sports business knowledge and marketing, as well as the know-how of the sports business. This major is for those who are aspiring to enter the PR and e-sports industry to become game makers and marketing enterprise.

    And the fourth and final major is the e-sports event staff major. The major aims to create students who will become specialists in creating events or competitions. They will be the ones who come up with the plan, create the event, and then manage and produce it. These are perfect for those who would like to become event producers, directors, or technical staff members in the future.

    The Classroom

    Students would also be glad to study at the Tokyo School of Anime as there is a dedicated classroom where the latest gaming equipment such as a high spec PCs, displays, and devices are gathered, recreating the feel of a tournament setup. This is done in order to polish the skills of the students through an environment where they can battle it out with their classmates while learning.

    Now I’m sure many of you are wondering how much it would cost to study the above majors at the Tokyo School of Anime. While it isn’t written on their website, it has been confirmed through the official application points that the first year will cost 1,460,000 yen and the second year at 1,450,000 for a grand total of 2,910,000 yen.

    Think this is a hefty price to become a pro gamer? While the number seems big, let’s not forget the cash prizes won by professional gamers at the competitions they enter. If you have a passion for gaming and think this is the right major for you, why not pursue it?

    Tokyo School of Anime

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