It Doesn’t Get Any Better: Suntory Combines Beer and Trains in Japan!

  • Established in 1899, Suntory Beer is one of the world’s greatest beers. Over the years, it has committed to providing Japan with excellent beer, and Suntory is always actively developing new products that bring new enjoyment to consumers. This time, they are introducing 15 limited-edition cans displaying ‘shinkansen’ trains which are sold all over the country. The packaging is exclusive, and aims to promote tourism to Japan!

    About Suntory

    Suntory made its first beer in 1963. The immediate priority was to use the highest quality water. It claims to brew its beverages by using 100% natural water, drawn deep from underground. Suntory has always looked out for plantation locations that have access to fresh water which contains an abundant amount of pure and reliable minerals. Researchers have spent many years searching for and examining absolute quality ingredients. One of its best-selling beers, which is considered to be an “umami” beer, is ‘The Malt’s’. Its products became so popular that the company made enough profits to allow more innovations.

    The New Feature

    The latest innovation is set to delight people, and train enthusiasts in particular. A total of 15 designs will be displayed on beer cans, including a limited edition promo. The cans, which are larger sized, will be sold in dozen packs starting July 19, 2016. The price for this special edition is still unknown, but it appears that some online retailers are planning to sell it at 2,860 yen. Each of the featured shinkansen train design will also include landscapes included in the trains’ actual routes.

    A special four-piece set will also be sold from July 26, 2016. It will contain smaller beer cans featuring the following designs: Hayabusa H5 Series (Hokkaido Shinkansen), 0 Series (Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen), East i E926 (model train), and Doctor Yellow (model train).

    So whether or not these packaging may actually end up boosting tourism, many people will enjoy their beer just a little more because of the cool design! Try purchasing some when they become available this summer. Apart from the taste that is always good, it can be a great collectible, too!

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