5 Treasures inside Nagano Prefecture

  • “The roof of Japan” that’s what people said. Located in central Japan, and surrounded by 3000 meters tall mountains, Nagano is not an ordinary place in Japan. So what else that make it beautiful? Not only because of many ski resorts that makes it special, but there are a lot of majestic things of Japan that only found in Nagano. Other than that, just plan to come to Nagano and pamper your self with beautiful scenery, onsen, play with the snow, and taste delicious soba.

    Below the treasures of Nagano prefecture that you should see:

    1. Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

    This place is located in Jigokudani valley in Yamanouchi. In this place, you will see amazing experience of monkey bathing in the natural hot spring. You will see the monkey from the path to the pool. The wild monkeys living socially in a group and interacted each other.


    2. Matsumoto Castle

    This castle is different with other castles you may find in Japan because the color is black. The design is great and original. Besides, it also did not build on the top of hill or amid the river, but in plain. You may also see the beautiful red bridge that contrast with the castle.


    3. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

    This is a spectacular route along northern Japan alps. The route connects Toyama city in Toyama prefecture with Omachi Town in Nagano Prefecture. It uses some public transports such as furnicular, bus, trolleybus, aerial tramway and walking. The great scenery of Tateyama mountain range will offer you with amazing experience.

    4. Daio Wasabi Farm

    Located in Azumino, Matsumoto, this place is popular with watermills, magnificent view of Japanese alps, and its river. This farm is the largest wasabi farm in Japan covering 15 hectares. Foods and drinks of wasabi themed products are sold there. You can also enjoy clear bottom boat tours there.


    5. Kamikochi

    Located 51 km west of Matsumoto, Kamikochi can be mean as “where Gods descend”. One of the most interesting part here is basin at 1500 meters elevation. Japanese alps is additional 1500 meters from there. Taisho pond here is seen as magical yet romantic with clear water and surrounded by mountains.