Don’t Overlook Daikanyama and Its Delicious Treats On Your Next Tokyo Visit!

  • In the chic district of Daikanyama, independent designer boutiques and quaint cafés and bakeries line the streets. It seems like there is nothing more to do than shop and have brunch but just as there always is another side to a story, there is more to Daikanyama than meets the eye!

    Burgers at Grill Burger Club Sasa

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    After a refreshing and grueling swim at the Daikanyama Sports Plaza pool, we headed to the Grill Burger Club Sasa. Known for substantial no-frills burgers, Sasa Burger is the place to go for a hearty American style burger. The interior resembles that of an American diner, with quirky vintage posters, leather booth seats and a polished timber bar top. The burgers come in 3 sizes, small, regular and large, which has 2 patties. The patties are made with ground Japanese beef and come with a side of chunky cut fries and a pickle. Monthly specials include a mac and cheese burger, as well as poached pear.

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    We both got the chili cheeseburger and Brewdog’s Punk IPA. The bar stocks a decent selection of imported beers including porters, ales, and IPAs. The brioche buns were buttered, toasted and chewy beneath the crisped ends. The beef patties were moist and flavorful, especially with the added melted cheddar. The fries were slightly bland so they did not exactly steal the show. However, if a typical burger isn’t your thing, there are also sandwiches, hot dogs as well as a birthday cake sized burger on the menu.

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    Bubble Tea at Chun Shui Tang

    Daikanyama has more to offer. Dessert! After the meal, we headed to Chun Shui Tang for some bubble tea. Hailing from Taiwan, this chain boasts an additive-free sweetening syrup and various flavored milk teas. They may be served hot or cold, along with an option for tapioca bubbles. There are also other desserts such as sweetened soy tofu and mochi. Besides sweets, there is a savory food menu of Taiwanese-style ramen dishes.



    There are lots of things to do in Daikanyama, ranging from food to shopping to exercise. Check out this trendy neighbourhood just one train stop away from Shibuya!

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