Take a Look Into Japan’s Warrior Past at the Japanese Sword Museum in Shibuya

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  • Japan has a long history of warfare. One of its popular weapons is the sword which wasn’t only used in war but also regarded as an object of faith or symbol of power. Since then, so many techniques of making swords were introduced in the country. Many of these have been collected and preserved in the Japanese Sword Museum which houses 190 items related to the historical warfare of the past.

    What is a Japanese Sword?

    In Japan, swords were preserved by passing them down from one generation to the next. The preservation ensures that the swords retain their excellent quality and condition as a high priority is placed on the care of artifacts. Other than this, Japanese swords have a reputation for being durable and not easily bent. Since their sole purpose was for battle in the past, they were not heavy but sharp. It is said that the average weight of a Japanese sword was 1 kilogram which is easy enough to carry during battles. And also, with their beautiful craftsmanship, they have also considered a work of art.

    About the Museum

    The Japanese Sword Museum was founded in 1968 by The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords. It is located in Shibuya and is home to about 190 items which date back as far as the Heian Period. The display area is located on the building’s second floor and the exhibits are very detailed with both English and Japanese languages used. Some of the swords have even been designated as National Treasures of Japan. Several works of famous swordsmiths can also be found including new and old versions of swords. There are some swords which have been neglected over time thus they have undergone restoration to repair them and keep them in good condition. Pamphlets can be found at the reception area which offers tremendous details about the swords.

    For sword lovers or those out there who are interested in Japanese history or samurai culture, this is your chance to find the perfect surroundings with these historic items. This is the place to go if you want to know more about the history and the art of swords as well as the famous craftsmen behind them.

    Japanese Sword Museum Website

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