Meet Ikuta Kana, a Japanese Model and Actress Who Could Also Be Your Taxi Driver

  • If you’ve ever been to Japan, was there a time where you needed to use a taxi to get from one place to another? Taking a taxi is one of the most used forms of transportation in Japan and you probably have heard of many things about the taxis here.

    One fact about taxis in Japan is that the majority of drivers are men. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any female drivers out there taking the wheel. In fact, one female taxi driver in Japan has been making her name known in the entertainment industry. Meet Ikuta Kana, Japan’s beautiful taxi driver who is capturing everybody’s attention!

    Ikuta Kana

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    Ikuta Kana who was born on December 18, 1991 in Nagano Prefecture, is a professional taxi driver and a model at the same time. She debuted as a gravure model and had gained plenty of attention. Ikuta Kana has been a member of the model unit Mina Mates from the fashion magazine mina for 2 years. She also does salon modeling for Voce and ELO.

    Starting Out and Current Career

    Ikuta started out as a model, but with the unstable work, schedule, and pay, she had to look for another solution. That was the time when Ikuta learned of the Asuka Traffic Dream Project, where the two people are dubbed as the “Mister and Miss Asuka” and will represent the image and character of the company and even get guest spots on television.

    It was in 2014 when she was able to broaden her horizons as an actress thanks to the exposure that she got from guest TV appearances. Ikuta has been a professional driver for about three years while also continuing to do fashion modeling and gravure.

    Getting to ride a taxi in Japan with a female driver is such a seldom sight, especially when your driver happens to be a beautiful model! It’s no doubt Ikuta Kana is a pretty model and taxi driver who’s steadily making a name for herself. Her taxi routes center in Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro so who knows! You might be lucky enough to ride the taxi she’s driving!

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