Sneak Around like a Stealthy Cat with Felissimo’s Cute and Foldable Cat Slippers!

  • Felissimo is a popular mail order company in Japan that started in 1965 and expanded as an overseas e-commerce business in 2010. It has since produced many trendy items with a particular emphasis on cat-themed products. The most recent introduction has been these brilliant compact slippers with kitten designs. Also, on top of that, they can even be conveniently folded down to make it easy to pack for traveling. Let’s take a close look!

    Background company information

    Felissimo doesn’t only sell slippers, they sell a very wide range of products from kids clothing to handbags, sundries, and so on. Felissimo’s head office is based in Chuo-ku in Kobe but through their online platform, products can be delivered to all around the world, directly from Japan. Their products have been arranged into the following nine categories:

    • Fashion
    • Fashion Accessories
    • Men’s
    • Interior Sundry Goods
    • Handicrafts
    • Kids
    • Baby and Maternity
    • Underwear
    • Beauty and Diet
    Cute Cat Slippers

    Good news for cat fans! The latest slipper that Felissimo has introduced is definitely different from the standard Japanese slippers – they are very nice and soft. It’s well-padded and made with suede-like soles which create less noise when walking, so you too can sneak around like a stealthy cat! Want to know why they make less noise? Here’s why:

    • Its foam uses an EVA material with a cushioned insole
    • It has great flexibility in its heel which also resilient
    • Its sole is made of 3 layers which provide softness and comfort

    This new design has been made by its creative branch, You+More and comes in four designs:

    • Hachiwarekuro – a fluffy kitten of black and white color
    • Kijitora – a tabby cat with green eyes
    • British Shorthair – looks chubby with its broad face
    • Manx – cat looks distinctively quiet

    As mentioned previously, these slippers can also be folded into a compact size, making it very handy for traveling!

    So, if you are a huge cat fan, and want to pounce and sneak around like a stealthy feline yourself, this is the perfect opportunity! These slippers will only be available until around September and cost 2,320 yen each.

    Felissimo Website

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