All You Can Eat Seasonal Fruit and the Perfect Plan to View Mt. Fuji!

  • What image do you have of June in Japan? The temperature gets warmer and everyone starts to have the feeling of summer’s arrival. It is also the time that everyone becomes more active to fully enjoy activities only available in this season.

    One wonderful thing to do that is quite special to do in Japan in the first month of the summer, is fruit picking. At the beginning of the month, sweet, cherries begin to grow, with Japan’s famously sweet and juicy peaches following in the later weeks of June. Since the gorgeous area surrounding Mt. Fuji offers many places to pick these famous fruits and enjoy the beautiful scenery, it is also a popular spot among Japanese. Let’s take a look at some of the options for summer activities!

    How Do You Want to Enjoy Mt. Fuji?


    One major thing to enjoy at Mt. Fuji is viewing the summit of the mountain from Mt. Fuji 5th Station. You can reach the 5th station by car and along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery spreading out in front of you. Fuji 5th Station is situated near a line of trees at an elevation of 2,305 meters, and is therefore called “the border of heaven and earth.” After your arrival, you not only get a dynamic view close to Mt. Fuji, you can also look out over the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji, the Southern Japanese Alps, the Yatsugatake Volcanic Group and Mt. Chichibu. After taking photos, you can shop for goods associated with Mt. Fuji including the famous sweets made with lingonberry, as there are plenty of stores to enjoy shopping.

    Delicious All You Can Eat Cherries


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    There are two courses to enjoy after arriving on Mt. Fuji that would be a great experience. The lunch is a fun barbecue surrounded by beautiful nature. Since the “red jewel” cherries are not only famous in Japan, but also overseas, you definitely need to experience this if you come here! The bright red fruit is beautiful to look at with a delicious taste to match!

    A Picturesque View of Mt. Fuji


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    The second recommendation for an excellent experience is riding the ropeway toward a superb viewing spot of Mt. Fuji from the perfect angle. The last station on the ropeway, Fujimidai Station, has an observatory, where you can overlook the mountain in one sweep! What could be more memorable on a trip to Japan than viewing its most iconic mountain from so many perfect angles? Furthermore, you can experience freely picking the most famous local fruit, peaches! The juicy and super sweet peaches will be the most delicious you’ve ever tasted and you can pick as many as you like. As a last treat, you can also bring some tasty peaches back with you!

    Even more exciting is that no matter which of these courses you choose, you can enjoy tasting many types of wine at a local winery and purchase some wine to bring home as a souvenir.

    How to Fully Enjoy These Recommended Tours


    What did you think about these two tour options? They are both excellent choices to enjoy a one-day tour to the fullest! Both of them begin in Shinjuku on a bus with spacious seating that will take you to all of these destinations. If you were worried about how to go to Mt. Fuji, worry no more! After you’ve had the perfect day on one of the tours, the bus will bring you back to Shinjuku.

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    For those of you who would like to enjoy a fun-filled barbecue and all you can pick cherries, check here for more details. Or for those would prefer peach picking, riding the ropeway and catching a gorgeous view of Mt. Fuji from an observatory, check the tour out here. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the sights of Mt. Fuji and seasonal fruit that you can only enjoy in this season! The tours are both quite popular, book now while you still can to enjoy the early summer in Japan!

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