Excited About Visiting Japan’s Famous Cat Cafes? Check Out How to Choose Wisely!

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  • Japan is known worldwide for their cute, unusual, and sometimes scary themed cafes. Like many other countries, various marketing schemes are used to attract the interest of mass consumers. However, there is no doubt that the most popular of all themed cafes here in Japan, is the famous cat cafe. It has earned quite a reputation and very popular among feline lovers! But how exactly do you choose a cat cafe wisely? Here is some advice that the experts would like to share with you!

    What is a Cat Cafe?

    Cat cafes are establishments that allow you to watch and play with our furry little feline friends. It is actually seen as a place of supervised indoor pet rental as customers are allowed to pay an hourly rate for petting the cat. Along with this, they can also enjoy sipping some hot coco, coffee, or tea. The popularity of cat cafes is believed to have originated from the fact that cats were forbidden inside apartments. Therefore, these cafes were viewed as a “cat sanctuary” and considered a great concept across the country!

    Neglect Reports

    In order to run your own cat cafe, you have to obtain a license and follow strict rules and regulations. This is to ensure the cleanliness and welfare of both cats and customers. Recently, a ‘neglect report’ of a certain cat cafe in Tokyo caused a stir in regards to the welfare of the cats. The cafe allowed cats to breed uncontrollably which meant that the living space for them became smaller and smaller. As a result, the cats suffered health problems. Also, as cats are solitary hunters by nature, they are clearly not capable of interacting with customers 12 hours a day. Surely they need to be given some time off as well to escape the daily stress and interaction with customers.


    Due to several neglect reports that have popped up about cat cafes, some experts have advised customers to choose cat cafes wisely. Here are some important things to look out for:

    • The first thing to take note of is the smell of the place as there shouldn’t be an overpowering smell of cat feces.
    • Second, check the cats fur condition. Poor coat condition suggests that something is wrong with the cat’s health.
    • Lastly, be wary of any mucus coming out from the cat’s eyes or nose. Any discharge may be caused by dental disease, infectious agents, chronic pneumonia, a weak immune system, cancer and so on.
    • And of course, do not forget to check whether the place is adequate in size too.

    So now that you are fully informed, it’s best to select kinder cafes in order to halt the operation of cafes only seeking to take shortcuts. Cats are not dispensable products, they also deserve a safe and healthy place to live or even an adoptive home.

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