Are You In Aichi or Osaka? Cool Down at the Bubble Run This Summer!

  • Running has become a popular sport over the past few years thanks to the number of benefits one can get from the activity. But in this summer heat running might not be a good choice, or so you’ve thought. Thanks to a bubbly event called Bubble Run, you can run without having to mind the heat so much with your friends and get to enjoy it at the same time! What is the Bubble Run?


    SPORTSONE (read as ‘Sports One’) is the organizer of the Bubble Run event and aims to bring sports and fun together. SPORTSONE’s brand concept is to bring people together and create a town filled with joy through sports. Running comes naturally to kids, and SPORTSONE believes that does not need to stop when you become an adult.

    SPORTSONE first organized the Bubble Run event last year (2015) in Chiba, Osaka, and Aichi Prefecture, with a total count of 100,000 participants. The Bubble Run has since been held in different parts of the country, and is now back for more!

    The Bubble Run

    If you’re looking for a fun way to run in the summer heat, then the Bubble Run is a must try. Over the 2-kilometer long course bubble machines are placed all over, creating a massive amount of bubbles that will cover the runners going for the finish line.

    But the fun doesn’t stop there, because after the Bubble Run comes the Bubble Party, where popular artists, dancers, and DJ’s perform whilst the bubble machines do their thing. The outdoor field will be filled with bubbles and dancing runners, who are enjoying the after party after the run!

    The Bubble Run is currently accepting entries for their events in Aichi (late June) and Osaka (July). Ticket prices start at 5,500 yen, and participation is possible for those aged 16 years and up. You can register for events at their official website (in English).

    Surely runners who will participate in the Bubble Run will enjoy both the race and the party. If you’d like to take part in the Bubble Run you had better be quick, because spots are filling up fast! Now who said you couldn’t run in the summer heat?

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