Welcome Summer and Watch Fireflies Light Up the Night Sky at Kugayama Hotaru Festival!

  • With the clear night skies during summer, there are some activities in Japan that are surely worth a try, especially for those who are coming to Japan for vacation. While hanabi, or fireworks, are one of the better-known options, many people are also looking forward to the number of festivals to come in the summer months!

    Fireflies (called hotaru in Japanese) that light up the night sky also have a special place here in Japan, with a number of dedicated festivals being conducted. One of the most popular hotaru festivals is coming up soon so here’s what you need to know about the event.

    Kugayama Hotaru Festival

    Organized by the Kugayama Shopping Street Promotion Associates, the Kugayama Hotaru Festival is one of the more well-known firefly festivals in Tokyo. The event has been conducted for several years already. The festival, which takes place in Suginami, also has quite a number of things to boast about aside from the magical fireflies.

    This year is the 21st Kugayama Hotaru Festival and will take place on June 4th and 5th with the festival holding an exhibition of the fireflies born and raised in Kugayama in the afternoon, as well as a number of activities for guests to participate in.

    Once evening comes, more than 2,000 of these magical fireflies will be lighting up the Tamagawa Josui and the Kanda River, leaving everyone that watches in awe. There will also be a number of Yatai’s or food stalls for everyone to fill their stomachs with good food and drinks ensuring the best Japanese festival feel one could experience.

    For those who are interested in checking out the Kugayama Hotaru Festival, it is just a few minutes on foot from Kugayama Station on the Keio Inokashira Line.

    Getting to visit Japan in the summer is a great experience and will be even more enjoyable if you check out the numerous festivals in town! Now you know that the Kugayama Hotaru Festival is near, why not make this your first festival trip during your vacation?

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