Japanese Retailer Felissimo Releases Whimsical Fairy Tale and History-Inspired Lingerie Sets!

  • Felissimo is an online retailer which had previously wowed us with their adorable and wearable collections of clothes based on themes such as Rose of Versailles and Hatsune Miku. Besides dresses, the company also produces really pretty lingerie under their Flufeel brand. This time round, there are 2 new collections of lingerie under Flufeel that are inspired by women in fairy tales and history.

    Three Beautiful Women of the World Collection

    The first collection is named Three Beautiful Women of the World, and it is inspired by popular female figures from history. There are 3 sets in this collection and each set is priced at 4,320 yen.

    The first is this Cleopatra set which features dark blue/green lingerie with gold details. As most of you already know, Cleopatra was a famous pharaoh in Egypt who also had unique beauty rituals.

    The second set in this collection is the Helen set, inspired by Helen of Troy. Helen of Troy (or Helen of Sparta) was the daughter of Zeus and Leda. She is the world’s most beautiful woman according to Greek mythology! The set features sweet pink lingerie which exudes gentle femininity.

    The third set is the Yang Guifei set. Yang Guifei is known as one of the Four beauties of ancient China who interestingly, was known for her voluptuous figure. The lingerie is purple in color and features butterfly wing straps.

    Welcome to the Secret World Collection

    The Welcome to the Secret World collection is inspired by women in fairy tales. There are 3 sets in this collection and each set is priced at 4,536 yen.

    The Little Mermaid set is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale which was remade by Disney. Like the color of the sea, the theme color of the lingerie is blue. The lingerie features pink ribbons and cute frills.

    The Snow White set is inspired by the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and also the Disney version. The theme colors of the lingerie are blue, white and red, which are prominently featured in the color scheme of the Snow White character.

    As for the Red Riding Hood set, the lingerie is obviously in the signature red color! Fittingly, the model wears a red hood to model this lingerie.

    These adorable lingerie sets will add some spice to your wardrobe! You can purchase the lingerie at Felissimo’s online shop.

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